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Is your workbook or guided journal an accompaniment to a previously released publication such as a book or card deck?

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What is your overall vision for this project?

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What types of things will be in this? Journal prompts, rituals, e.t.c

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Does this go alongside a course, training or modality?

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Do you have a vision for the cover?

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Is there anything special for the interior needed such as graphs, illustrations, e.t.c?

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Is this written?

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Do you need support with writing or compiling this?

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Would you like an advance book promotion and publicity?

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Are you interested in copywriting services for things such as book blurb, email launch sequence e.t.c?

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Do you have other related projects you would like to create either alongside or subsequentially, such as guided journal or deck?

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Are you ready to work alongside our team to create a high-quality, professional project, upon acceptance?

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Do you have a budget in mind for this project?

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Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

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