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Creating a card deck is a dream for many. Whether it is oracle cards, an affirmation deck or a course/training accompaniment, they are a great way to gain the trust of your potential clients, call in your soul family, have an expanded impact and elevate your authority while showcasing your expertise. Many use decks daily, sometimes multiple times a day and having your own allows you to be within reach to many more people, while keeping you top of mind.  

With exceptional artists and designers, editors and publishing professionals, House of Indigo collaborates with established experts in their field to curate bespoke decks. These may be used to provide your current clients an enhanced experience, while packaging your intellectual property and building your legacy through impact. 

For others, designing and publishing an oracle deck may be a part of your soul’s mission in this lifetime. The level of connection you can create through this virtual community can be massive and help catapult the lives of others onto a path of deeper healing, divine communication or personal growth. That deep nagging feeling and dream that doesn’t give up? It’s not your imagination and it’s there for a reason. Trust it and lean in. 

Whether your future deck is spiritually, mentally or practically designated, there is no denying the impact these products can have on your community and the world at large. With such important and potent creations, you want to make sure that you work with a team that can execute your vision, while maintaining high-quality standards and integrity.

Upon receiving your deck intake, a member of our team will read it thoroughly to gauge if working together would be a good fit, for both parties. You will be contacted either way, typically within 5-10 business days. If it feels aligned with our company’s mission and expertise, you will be invited to schedule a call with us to answer any lingering questions and determine which package is best suited to you. 

We will then schedule your strategy kick-off call!! This is fun as we get into more details of your project and vision. 

If you need support with your visioning for the art, this will begin now, otherwise, you will begin working with our Creative Director and compiling details for each individual card design.  

Once the design work has begun, we will begin refining your card descriptions for the booklet, regardless of if writing support is needed, this will be completed with the final draft ready for booklet design by the end of card and box production. 

Your printing choices will be finalized as we move into the next phase and everything begins to become very real! 

Once the templates are provided by the printer, we will all approve them a final time before print. 


At this time, you will meet with your project manager again to discuss warehousing and order fulfillment preference and make final decisions on this. 


Your decks are complete and ready for shipping to the fulfillment center! 


The setup of accounts and handling of all details are taken care of. Plan your launch party and get ready to celebrate! 


The entire process of creation to finishing is typically between 4-6 months or more depending on the complexity of art, shipping times and scheduling availability. 

We offer packages as well as custom proposals based upon your goals and project. Payment plans are available. 


To begin the process, complete the card deck intake form below and a project manager will reach out to you, generally via email.