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White Label Publishing & Book Ambassadors. 


You already know that becoming a published author or creating a product suite that packages intellectual property is a great promotional opportunity for your clients. 

You advise them to write a book. 

You outsource it and send them and those 5 figures off. Never to be seen again. 

What if you could stay in your genius and keep them in house for their publishing need

We can help.

House of Indigo offers White Label Publishing services and partnerships with Book Ambassadors.

For White Label Publishing, you bring your audience and your branding, and I’ll bring my team. Add in your unique training, course or modality and elevate your offering with a publishing add-on. We will create packages exclusive to your community and prices that work for us all. Win-win-win. 


Have a community and audience, but you’d rather we take more of the lead? 


We LOOOOVE creating partnerships that support us all. Bring your idea for your collaborative (multi-authored) book, use our branding, sales page and payment processing and let’s create together. We will manage the entire back-end of the project, while you bring in authors and create community. It’s so fun and a great way to bring in more income without selling a kidney. 


Interested in working together? Send us an email with your project idea and we will connect soon!

[email protected]