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Learn THE Most Effective Method In This Market To Increase Visibility, Income & Create The Impact You Are Designed To


Become a published author through our Guided Publishing Pathway
, a Hybrid Program designed to take you from concept to launching and promoting your best-selling book. 

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You're a business owner with a clear message and processes that give your clients incredible results. You keep hearing you should write a book and you desire the speaking engagements, podcasts and features it will open to you. 

And yet, your book keeps getting put off year after year...

You know the book is inside you or you already have the majority of the content created, but organizing it, figuring out how to publish and promote it is a tad overwhelming and not at all in your wheelhouse. 

That’s why we created the Guided Publishing Pathway.


Conceptualize. Develop. Launch. Promote. 


Build your author platform to fulfill your business objectives,  through utilizing the increased authority of a professional quality book. 


Becoming a published author has the ability to open up new worlds and create a larger impact--IF it is done correctly. 


Gain more quality leads.


Increase your know, like and trust factor to soul-aligned clients. 


Bridge the gap for your future clients so they are ready for massive transformation. 


Become a sought-after speaker through strategic promotion of your book. 

Here at House of Indigo, we know the seemingly insurmountable mountains that a would-be author faces in writing, organizing and publishing their book, guided journal or audiobook and our passion is to to serve as your guide. 

1 to 1 prices for our concierge level publishing services can be out of reach for some and limited to only a small handful each year.

In Guided Publishing Pathway, we will receive all modules of your selected pathway, plus LIVE Q & A support calls. Defining your concept, developing your manuscript, all back-end elements of publishing, launching your project, promotion and building your platform are all a part of our programs.

Create a non-fiction or fiction book, a guided journal or workbook and an audiobook while staying aligned with your vision and voice.

Apply industry tricks to promoting your book to increase visibility and sales. 

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Our next round commences in September.



You aren't going to want to miss this experience of learning how to become your own publisher with lifetime access to replays (as long as the program is running).


Join us to take the guesswork out of publishing, retain all of the rights and royalties for your book and finally package up your intellectual property to strategically use within your business. 





Access again and again these high-quality prerecorded modules designed to give you the framework, strategy and expertise needed to successfully plan and implement your book.


These drip-fed classes are designed to be concise, informative and action-oriented for both the Writing Lab and Self-Publishing Accelerator Pathways. 




Bring your questions, show up live or catch the replay to these LIVE GROUP Q & A calls.
These calls are designed to help provide answers and support to your individual challenges, keep you on track, implement your course content and offer feedback on anything within the parameters of this program.
Bring your questions on a promotional strategy, book cover design feedback or more for personalized coaching. 


Connect with others to form accountability partners, create friendships, strategic partnerships and celebration buddies! 


Having a supportive environment is one of the top ways to continue to meet your goals and it's super fun to celebrate each other's successes. 





Lifetime access to course content for as long as it is up and running!!

Refer to the information again and again to create all of your future products. 

(Don't come for me when I'm 70, it will likely be gone.)





This pathway is for the aspiring author who thrives on support, accountability and community.
With 12 weeks of content focused on technical elements of writing your book you will receive guidance on crafting a stand-out title, author bio, developing a potent outline and more. We will also cover implementing a plan, writer's block, utilizing energetics and ceremony in your writing. 
Bring your desire to write a book and develop it through our strategic and creative process. 




Is your book written and you need help producing and publishing it in a high-quality and professional manner? This is the pathway for you! 

Book Strategy & Visioning--align your book with your business or career goals to have more impact and income.

Book Promotion--creating a promotional strategy will be the core of your success to reach more readers. 

Publishing & Launch--editing, cover design, interior layout, keywords, categories, Amazon Best Selling campaigns and more.

 Everything you need to know and do to develop a book aligned with income and impact!





The Writer's Inner Circle & The Self-Publishing Accelerator Bundle! If you're ready to go all in and receive special bundle pricing, this option is for you! 

Receive guidance on writing and publishing your book from an experienced coach and publisher. 

With a year of Q&A calls, implement both programs together and toggle back and forth. It's all here for you.



Unsure if this is the right fit? This will help. 


Through innovative subconscious believe art you are able to know fully whether Publishing You is for you or not and can move forward in full confidence. 

Created by Zoe Ysehr Morgan, it works by simply gazing upon the image for 30 seconds to download the belief:


You will feel a KNOWING--yes or no--where you might have been confused before. 

Feel free to use this image as many times as you'd like to reach full clarity and confidence. 


FMI: Zoe Ysehr Morgan



Andrea Greiner

Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, medical intuitive and creator of Ray of Light Meridian Therapy™


Working with Jessica through the Soul Mission book published in May 2021 was amazing! She was so supportive and provided not only the physical requirements, but the energetic techniques she liked to use with aligning with the message and the book. I LOVED THIS!

She also was able to create community and momentum around the publishing process. AND she went above and beyond to open up the opportunity to create an audio version of this book. I would recommend working with Jessica if your are ready to get your message out to the world with the community and her publishing company that will amplify your message!

Sandra Joy Laratonda

Energy Consciousness Guide & Personal Empowerment Priestess

“I have had the pleasure of being a co-author in one of JessiCa’s best-selling books, Soul Mission: Leaders Ushering in the New Earth. The entire experience from start to finish was nothing short of incredible. Jessica is a dedicated publisher who provides opportunities for her authors to grow as writers, share their knowledge, and have many future publicity opportunities.

The community and connection she provides all who work with her is incredibly supportive. She is a beautiful soul who cares deeply about her projects and knows intuitively what to create. She holds space to attract the authors meant to work with her and she provides a well-planned container (her books) to share with the world that helps raise the collective consciousness of our Earth.

My business has gained new followers and clients because of the best-selling author status our book gained. My message has reached people across the globe and is affecting positive change as you read this.

I am honored to be aligned with such an uplifting, vision-focused soul as Jessica and I am excited to continue publishing my work with her.”


"Choosing Jessica and House of Indigo publishing to go with was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I've been meaning to write a book for years, but never got around to it. I was always too busy, or just the thought of it overwhelmed me as I didn't know where to start. 

So this was a perfect opportunity as I knew Jessica was going to guide us all through it, step by step and I'd be doing it with other people too.                                                                                                                                                                                     

It was such a smooth process. So easy. So fun. I met other women in my soul family through this collaboration, that I'm so incredibly grateful for. 

And through our collaboration, Jessica's guidance and support we were able to reach number 1 best-seller in 7 different countries within multiple categories. 

My intention was to get my message out into the world. And that's exactly what happened.                                                                                                              

Plus I attracted new clients, went even deeper into my work, and am seen as an expert in the field of having biz BE easy for soulful female entrepreneurs! 

If you feel the pull, then don't ignore it. You can 100% trust Jessica and this process "

Too hard? Overwhelmed? No problem. 

While everything has been designed to walk you through writing, refining and publishing your book, we understand that things change. If you try this program and decide you'd rather work with me 1 to 1 (and my team) within the first month, we will credit your paid program fee of the Self-Publishing Accelerator (minus payment and admin fees) toward a done-for-you package.


Note: space is limited and while we will do our best to work with you on your project with our best scheduling availability, there may not be immediate availability. 




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About Your Guide

As the founder and CEO, of House of Indigo, Jess Verrill is passionate about helping liberate and refine the voices of others through the art of storytelling and creating a larger impact through publishing.

A USA Today Best-Selling Author, as well as multiple time Amazon Best-Selling Author and Publisher have given her the experience and perspective of both writer and publisher. Utilizing her intuitive and energetic skills in her projects, gives her a unique edge and enhanced perception for her clients. 

Her repeat clientele speaks to her exceptional level of standards, integrity and ability to bring warmth and fun to all endeavors.

As your primary guide through writing and publishing your book with Publishing You, Jess brings experience, professionalism and inclusivity in a high vibrational environment. 

(If you are looking for 1 to 1 services for book or oracle deck publishing, please check out our other services page and submit the appropriate form.)

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