You're Pretty But Dumb


Written by: Kimberly Vuz


Whether she is acting helpless at the gas pump to keep her ‘no pumping gas’ streak alive or shouting into a poorly placed garbage can to order a burger at the drive-thru, Kimberly Vuz will keep you laughing with her embarrassing, relatable, and downright hilarious stories.


Kimberly finds humor in life and laughs when things go ridiculously wrong. Not even being repeatedly splashed with feces from a clogged septic pipe as her husband yelled, “Merry Effin’ Christmas,' spoiled her holiday celebration.

She’s not above telling her young daughters that penises come from eating too much junk food to encourage them to eat veggies or threatening to put a kink in her grandma’s oxygen line to get her secret sausage stuffing recipe finally.


Published: December 11, 2021

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